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Pest Control Benefits – The Truth Behind Them

Pest control is a popular topic these days, but many people have misconceptions about how it works and what it does. Here are five of the most common myths:

1: All Pest Control Methods Are Toxic And Harmful To People, Pets, And The Environment.

The first thing to remember is that not all Essex pest control methods are toxic. Many natural pest control methods are not toxic, such as:

  • Using your body heat to kill a cockroach or other insect
  • Drenching the area with boiling water, then wiping it down with a wet cloth This works best on larger insects like roaches and spiders, but can also be effective on ants and other small arthropods by squishing them into their hiding places or under furniture legs.
  • Spraying the exterior of your house with water mixed with clove oil or cinnamon essential oils

2: If I Remove Food And Shelter Sources For Pests, They’ll Just Disappear.

Another common myth is that if you just remove food and shelter sources for pests, they’ll just disappear. This is not true! Pests will still be around and will only leave when they’ve had their fill of your home or business. You need to use a combination of methods to get rid of pests, such as:

  • Removing food sources (like trash cans)
  • Using pesticides on the exterior walls where there are cracks or holes where insects could enter
  • Using an insecticide spray inside rooms where there are openings into other areas

3: Ants Are Attracted To Sugar And Sweets.

Ants are attracted to sweet foods, but they are not attracted to sugar. Ants will eat anything sweet, including candy and fruit. The only reason ants might be attracted to your home is that it has been infested by other pests like cockroaches or termites.

You can use ant traps to lure the ants into your trap and then kill them with insecticide spray or soapy water if necessary.

4: Pest Control Is Expensive.

Essex Pest control is not as expensive as you might think. It’s a myth that pest control companies will charge you an arm and a leg for their service. They frequently offer packages that save customers money by bundling multiple services into a single convenient price.

To begin with, there are several factors involved in determining the cost of pest control services:

  • The type of pests you have (mice or flies)
  • Your property’s size (more square footage equals higher costs).
  • How often do you need to be treated by the company?


While some of these myths are true, many of them aren’t. The truth is that pest control techniques are not only safe they can be inexpensive and effective too! By using proper pest control equipment in your home or office, you can protect yourself and those around you from pests such as ants or roaches.

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