Planning A Wedding Send-Off Line{0}

You have the wedding of a lifetime planned, so how to coordinate your grand exit? Naturally, you want your exit to be of epic proportions because you want it to make for one killer photo. Your wedding exit also tells people to ‘go home’ and lets you get the heck out of dodge and start your new life together on one momentous, glorious foot forward!

What Kind of Send-Off Are You Looking For?

Sit down with your partner and decide on a “send-off” style. With options like sparklers, bird seed, bubbles, and balloons, there are loads of styles that can complement your reception. Once you make a decision, organize the “send-off” with your wedding planner or DJ, as they will need to coordinate the timing.

Plan a Final Moment

Your guests are there to celebrate your big day, and no matter what it has meant to you it really has meant the world to each and every one of them. Make them feel special by planning a “final moment” where they can ‘hug you’, ‘wish you well’, and dance it all out in one big epic party moment.

Make a Grand Announcement

Get the DJ in on the fun. Have him/her, your band or Best Man make a killer “final song” announcement. An announcement will let everyone know that you are about to make like Elvis and exit the building, which will also signal the photographer to get ready. While all this is going on, get your wedding planner, coordinator, or a groomsman to pull the car or your chariot around.

Involve the Guests

One of most important aspects of putting together a memorable send-off line is to have your guests engaged in the fun. Traditionally, couples would give their guests rice or birdseed to throw as the couple makes their exit, but now there are many more options including confetti, wedding sparklers, and even small packages of bubbles. Whatever novelty items you choose, your guests will enjoy it more and your pictures will turn out even more stunning than you could ever imagine!

Make Like Elvis

Get out of the room as quick as possible. Have a moment with your partner; a “we really did this” moment. Then head toward the “send-off line” with the biggest smiles ever and get ready for your pictures. If you approach the send-off with a great attitude, the pictures you get will be among your favorite from the entire wedding day!