Things That You Should consider When You Buy Bike Carriers{0}

Like biking at the weekend or want to take your bikes with you when you go on a family holiday this year? Fit Bike Carriers to your car and you can take your cycles where you like and have fun riding them when you arrive. Bike Carriers are the simple and effective way to transport your bikes over great distances.

You can attach your bikes to Cycle Carriers and travel the length and breadth of the UK to explore new and exciting cycle route. Look on the cycle accessory market and you will find plenty of Bike Carriers ready to fit to your car so choosing the ideal model can be a little confusing. The ideal solution for your needs depends on a number of factors but the style of bike carrier can sway your opinion depending on your personal preference of course.

Roof mounted Bike Carriers are popular options with many motorists. You can attach the Cycle Carriers to bars that are fixed to the roof of your vehicle and they will be suitable for most makes of bikes. Loading and unloading cycles from roof mounted Bike Carriers is fairly straightforward and they are a good option to choose if you want bikes up high and out of the way.

Rear mounted Bike Carriers are another solution you can choose. They fit to the rear of saloons and hatchbacks and can carry up to three bikes at a time. Again they are fairly simple to fit and a good option to consider if you don’t want to struggle putting bikes on the roof of your car. The only downside with rear mounted Bike Carriers is they sometimes obscure your rear lights so you might have to buy a lightboard for the vehicle at the same time.

Towball mounted Cycle Carriers are one of the most compact and flexible systems on the market at the moment and they are brilliant for carrying anything up to four bikes. They are clever kinds of Bike Carriers that come with special tow ball adaptors so they simply clamp right onto the vehicle. Bike Carriers of this nature are very simple to install and they come equipped with a special tilt feature so you can still gain access to the boot space even when you have bikes loaded onto them. They even have built-in lighting boards so vehicles travelling behind your car can see when you are braking or want to change direction.

There is a lot to weigh up when you start looking for Bike Carriers so give yourself plenty of choice. Just take your time and pick a rack that suits your needs and budgetary requirements for transportation.