It Is Time You Stop Criticising Indian Railways

The realm of Indian Railways is really huge. You can find a great comfort snuggled in trains. If you feel that trains are all about snatching seats or pushing and pulling, then you are stuck in past. There are options that are absolutely comfortable and luxurious in trains. There are different types of compartments in trains that have their different dimensions. You can find a great comfort and ease in these trains.

Even if you are about to board a train, you can instantly know about Indian train status that too without any hassle. Trains would not disappoint you and you can have a great experience. If you are a rich fellow and you think that you are not suitable for trains then you are mistaken. Have you ever travelled in an AC 1 compartment of Indian railways?  You have no idea how much luxury and comfort is snuggled therein. Even the executive compartment and AC chair car too leave no stone unturned in catering utmost comfort to the passengers.

The point is you can never know about the advancements taking place in Indian Railways unless you board one. You need to explore the diverse trains and go on trips for a fulfilling experience. There would be trains that would fill you with so much of pleasure and enjoyment that you would never think about other means of transportation. If you feel that you can afford a ticket for plane and hence train would never come in a picture then you are missing the point. Have you ever considered about the long time you have to wait in an airport? Of course, check in and all; these things take a lot of time. But if you are traveling by train, you would not have to wait for anything. You can simply drop in the railway station and be at ease. The moment train is on the platform; you can board it and it’s done.

Similarly, trains are perfect for long journeys. Indian railways have myriad of trains that run between different places and areas. In this way, there remain no connectivity issues. You can travel to any place you like that too without any issue. Similarly, don’t forget that since long journeys are tiring, you get an extra advantage in trains. You can simply lie down or comfortably sit there while the train gets you to the destination. There won’t be unnecessary headaches or troubles. Once you have taken your seat in the train, you can sit there comfortable and even if you feel hungry, you can go ahead and buy some scrumptious food items. Of course, there are sellers in the trains, and they sell different snacks and options. Similarly, you can even order food and the delivery will be done on the next station. In this way, you get the fresh food and snacks that too without any plights.

Thus, there is no need to crib about or criticize Indian railways when it is catering you myriad of options. The more you dig into the realm of this huge network of railways; the more you would know about their comfort and pleasure.

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