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How An Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Works

Today many people suffer from different kinds of hair problems and dandruff is one of them. In modern day’s life, this is a very common problem. In the market lots of antidandruff shampoos are available but unfortunately, most of them fail to do the job properly. So for a person suffering from dandruff, it is very difficult to choose the right shampoo.

Dandruff is a condition of the scalp and it depends on many different factors. It is easy to remove dandruff but maintenance is the key so it doesn’t reoccur. Using Ketomac Shampoo in the regular interval is the best way to tackle dandruff successfully.

One microbe called Malassezia Globosa which is present in the scalp is responsible for dandruff. It feeds on the natural oil present in scalp called sebum. When this sebum breaks down it produces a byproduct called oleic acid. About 50% of people are very sensitive to oleic acid. As a result, the scalp becomes red and inflamed. Brain signals to take off these damaged cells at a very fast rate. These dead scalp cells in form of white flakes are visible on the shoulders or hair and we call it dandruff. The root cause of dandruff is the same for all but many other external factors can make it even worse. Some of the factors are as follows-

If the skin type is dry then the scalp is going to be dry as well. As a result, the scalp skin will become very itchy and flaky. Flakes of the dry scalp will be small in size and less oily. People living in cold places and especially in winter season suffer from this problem. Shampooing in a regular interval is also a key factor. Shampooing after a long period can accumulate oil and dead cells on the scalp resulting in dandruff. On the contrary shampooing, every day will turn the scalp very dry resulting in small skin flakes. Shampooing every other day is recommended. Brushing hair irregularly is another reason for dandruff as the build-up of the dead skin occurs on the scalp. Air pollution is another cause of dandruff. Chemicals present in the polluted air can cause allergic reactions on the scalp resulting in dandruff. An unbalanced diet can cause dandruff as well, but foods rich in zinc or vitamin B or fats can help to prevent dandruff from developing.

ketoconazole shampoo for dandruff is one of the best anti-dandruff shampoos. Using it in the regular interval will help to have a healthy dandruff free hair. It is possible to know if the antidandruff shampoo is working perfectly. if the hair is naturally shiny if the hair is bouncy and feels soft and smooth if the hair isn’t sensitive to hair care products if the scalp feels never itchy if the scalp is flake free then it is for sure that the antidandruff shampoo is working nicely.

With plenty of options available in the market, it is very tricky to select right antidandruff shampoo and conditioner. Right combination will not only help to fight dandruff but will help to have a healthy hair.

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