Tips for Easy Company Recruiting Through Twitter

Social media is very important tool for business. This tool also help HR departments when it comes to recruiting new candidates. But how exactly can you make use of Social media? Here we have explain few tips to help you take full advantage of social media tools, Twitter, to improve your recruitment efforts for you business.

1. Promote Your Brand Continuously

You should constantly be thinking about your brand image when you use Twitter and taking steps to make it come across as positively as possible. Make it clear why your company is so great, and you can do this by consistently publishing interesting content.

By posting original and informative content, you will attract more people to follow you, and you can then engage with your followers through the content that you provide. When you come to advertising a opening, you will be in a better position to encourage the best applicants if you have built up a positive image on Twitter.

2. Show Your Personal Side

Social media is all about people, so make sure you avoid corporate speak and show your personal side. The person doing the posting should use their real name and a photograph to show the personality behind the brand, and you can do the same for various employees if you want a number of people to post updates.

The joy of social media is being able to talk to candidates as people, not as a brand. This will help candidates to engage more readily with you, and could lead to greater interest when you announce vacancies.

3. Follow the Right Conversations

You should make sure that you follow conversations in the right places when you start using Twitter. Use hashtags to find and follow communities specific to your industry, as this can be a great way to come across potential candidates as well as the all-important influencers.

4. Interact

Don’t just make posts and then disappear, but make a real effort to get involved in discussions and respond to tweets from customers or people showing an interest in your brand. Provide insight about your company and make sure you come across as friendly and engaging, and this can help to improve your brand image and attract more potential applicants when you advertise a position.

5. Teach Your Employees to Look Out for Talent

Train up a few employees at your company and ask them to keep an eye out for possible candidates. The HR department can arrange to do this as the people working here will already know the key attributes that you are looking for. Keep records of the people you find, and when the time comes to search for applicants you can reach out to them.

Start Slowly

The most important thing to remember about using Twitter for recruitment is to avoid jumping straight in at the deep end. A better idea is to sit back and observe at first. Observe conversations, competitors and other recruiters and see how it works before you get fully involved. This will help you to avoid making any calamitous errors right at the start that could affect the success of your recruitment drive.

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