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Choosing A Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Or Emerald Engagement Ring

Whether you just got engaged or you’re still waiting for your prince to come, you’ve likely given some serious thought to the center stone for your engagement ring. When it was time to choose my solitaire, the diamond was king. I chose a lovely brushed gold band with a diamond solitaire and smaller diamond accents. Today’s bride has many options, and if I had it to do over again I would give serious thought to choosing an alternative stone—perhaps a red ruby a green emerald, or a blue sapphire. Each of these three stones has at some point rivaled the diamond as the gem of all gemstones, and each one is richly endowed with cultural and symbolic meaning, making any one of them a lovely choice for your engagement ring.

Ruby Engagement Rings

For example, rubies represent passionate love, fierce loyalty, and spiritual love. Red has long been the color for brides in China and Rome, and it’s no wonder since it’s the color of vibrant and courageous love. The liquid warmth of a ruby’s red depths has also been credited with providing protection for the one who wears it. Since you will wear your engagement ring nearly every day, a ruby solitaire is a great choice if you believe in its ability to remove evil thoughts, protect you from harmful intent, and ensure good fortune and joy. As a bonus, it has long been believed that a ruby’s power is most potent when worn on the left side of the body.

Emerald Engagement Rings

If red is a little too bold for you, then the verdant green of emerald might serve you better. Emerald is a particularly good choice if you’re planning a spring wedding, since its power is believed to be at peak potency in the spring. Symbolizing new growth and rebirth, it is a most appropriate choice for a bride who wants always to remember that marriage is the womb where two become one.

Let’s say you run a little on the jealous side. If so, you may want to seriously consider choosing an emerald engagement ring. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that an emerald would change color when a lover was unfaithful. Of course, they would have cautioned you against jumping too quickly to such a conclusion, as a change in color might also indicate that danger lurked nearby. Emeralds have been credited with bestowing wit and wisdom to the wearer. Italian physician and mystic, Girolamo Cardano (1501-1576 AD), concluded that since “dishonesty is nothing but ignorance, stupidity, and ill-nature,” emeralds must in fact make people more honest. {Kunz, p. 78} Honesty and fidelity are, of course, cornerstones to a good marriage.

Choosing a Blue Sapphire

Perhaps you are neither jealous nor fond of red or green. In that case, you might consider the choice of many royals, including Princess Kate (2010), Princess Diana (1981), and Princess Anne (1973). Each one of these beautiful brides chose blue sapphire for their engagement rings. It is no wonder that blue sapphire is the choice of royalty, as it has long been associated with sincerity and faithfulness, which are foundational to any long-lasting marriage. Furthermore, it has carried a sense of the divine with it, often credited with bestowing favor, good health, peace, and joy to the one who wears it. Renaissance jewelers offer another excellent reason for choosing a blue sapphire: they believed that blue sapphires cured stupidity and anger. {Rock & Co. website} I for one could use a cure for these two diseases of marriage!

If all these benefits are not enough to turn your head, then Shakti Navran might sway you. She proposes that blue sapphires will help you find meaning in whatever circumstance you face by kindling “faith in the goodness of life.” {Navran, p. 135} She goes on to report that living from trust in life’s goodness will grant you the courage and ability to follow through on your commitments, bestowing upon you the virtue of peace.


Diamonds are beautiful, symbolizing the purity, durability, and wisdom needed for a strong and healthy marriage. They are still the favored choice for engagement rings. However, as you’ve read today, rubies, emeralds, and blue sapphires hold their own in the court of gemstones. If you’re looking for a slightly different flair or a stone that holds deeper meaning for you, then one of these colorful stones might be just the one for you.

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