Tips That Keep Your Car Safe At The Airport Parking Garage{0}

People who are extremely particular about keeping their cars parked safely in the garage in their home would probably be a worried lot when they have to leave their car at airport parking. However, since your travel plans would obviously require you to avail the airport parking facility, you can keep a few handy tips in mind to ensure that your car is safely parked at the airport parking garage.

Car safety at airport parking depends on services offered:

You should check out the services offered by different airport car parks, and then pre-book your parking space, so that your car can remain safe and secure during the time when you are away. Since better services implicitly imply better safety of your car at airport parking, you should evaluate the various measures which airport car parks have in place to assure that your car is safely parked.

Carry out a comprehensive online review of airport car parking services, particularly if youare boarding your flight from a busy airport like Car Parking Heathrow Airport. Make sure the airport car park that you have selected has the ‘Park Mark’ award to assure you of a safe parking experience; and also has security barriers to restrict unwanted access to the parking area, In addition, it is also advisable to ensure that the car park has the advantage of CCTV coverage; full security fencing all around its boundary; and adequate security lighting system. Moreover, check out whether the car park has round-the-clock patrolling carried out by its security staff.

Take safety measures yourself to keep your car safe:

Once you have ensured that the airport car parking facility which you have booked can ensure your car’s safe parking when you away, you can show some responsibility yourself too. Towards that end, it is a good idea to take some pictures of your car before you leave it at the car park or hand it over to the Meet & Greet employees. If possible, remove all the valuables from the car, especially if you are leaving it at the Car Parking Heathrow Airport and other big airports. In case of valuables left in the car, get a signature from the car park authorities.

Go for undercover parking if leaving car for long period:

If you and your family are planning a long vacation, it is a good idea to search undercover parking facility to keep your car safe and protected during its long stretch at airport car parking. Undercover parking implies that your car will be parked at an indoor garage; and will thus remain protected from the ‘weather’ element. Furthermore, such a car parking facility will also help prevent any possible damage to the paintwork or other parts of your car.

The above-mentioned tips can go a long way in helping you pre-book an airport car park which can keep your car safe at its parking garage. But, since most of the airport car parking options may often be subject to availability, particularly during heavy-rush seasons, it is always better to book your airport car parking as soon as your travel plans are confirmed!