What Are Common Valve Disorders?

The valve is a flap that you can find between the ventricle and atrium of the left heart chamber. As the blood flows from the upper heart chamber to the lower, the contractions of the valve ensure smoother functioning. The valve opens and closes, ensuring the blood doesn’t move in the wrong direction, as it might lead to complicated heart health issues.

You can face life-threatening issues like heart failure if the tricuspid valve isn’t functioning properly. Sometimes, the valve shrinks and doesn’t shut once the blood moves from the upper heart chamber to the lower. Due to this, complicated heart issues like mitral regurgitation occurs. If you let these issues go unnoticed, it might lead to complete heart failure. Let us discuss some of the common heart issues caused due to improper functioning of the valve.

Common Valve Disorders That You Might Experience

Mitral Regurgitation

The most common symptoms of mitral regurgitation are swollen ankles, especially in the morning and heart palpitations. It happens when the valvees flap doesn’t close properly, altering the direction of the blood flow. Though you do not need a complex process for its treatment, it can turn fatal if not treated on time.

Aortic Stenosis

It happens when the valvees doesn’t open fully, restricting the amount of blood flowing from the left upper heart chamber to the lower. When the amount of blood reduces, the body’s organs don’t work well, and it can cause severe complications. Some symptoms you might experience are chest pain, dizziness and shortness of breath. If you do not treat it on time, the blood flow will eventually stop, and it can get life-threatening.

Pulmonary Atresia

You can find this valve in the right heart chamber connecting to the lungs. The improper functioning of this valve would mean no blood supply to your heart which will have adverse effects. Sometimes, children are born with weakened or improperly functioning pulmonary valves. However, it can also happen if the valve develops a hole for any reason.

Tricuspid Atresia

Another heart issue caused by the weak tricuspid valve is tricuspid atresia. It is often seen since childbirth if the valve has not developed fully. The blood flow gets affected, hampering the working of your entire body.

These are the common disorders you might experience if your valve is not working appropriately. You should thoroughly check the symptoms that your body might show, indicating any heart complication that is on its way. Once you experience any suspicious symptoms, check with your heart specialist immediately and get the apt treatment at the right time.

The only thing you should be careful about here is finding a reliable heart specialist in your area. Explore available options, keeping in mind a few factors, like market reputation and domain expertise. Once you find the doctor, visit the clinic and work towards getting a healthy heart.

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