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Rheumatoid Arthritis Can Be Easily Managed If Diagnosed At Early Stage

Now a days we see that lots of people have started putting on weight. Many doctors are mentioning in their interviews ,seminars or even in consultation to reduce weight and not to put on weight by eating junk food or fast food. The basic problem related with the today’s generation is that, they don’t like home made foods but Burgers, Pizza, Pastas etc are their favorite food items. People are so fond of eating outside food at the cost of their health. Many of them have realized the side effects of putting on weight so they have started going to the Gym and exercising or walking for weight loss. Exercise should be a vital activity in all other day to day activities we perform.

The main problem you get after putting on weight is High Blood Pressure and Rheumatoid Arthritis. High blood pressure can give a heart attacks and rheumatoid arthritis will slowly restrict your movements and day to day simple activities. In the early years many people used to suffer with rheumatoid arthritis because of old age or some deficiencies in their body. But now we find rheumatoid arthritis 30 to 45 age group because adopting a wrong diet, lack of proper routine, lack of exercise and lack of sleep.

Rheumatoid arthritis patients have to take a good care of their diet, exercise and routine activities. The symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis are like joint pains, swelling on joins, pain while walking, redness in joints etc. Many patients find a relief after taking calcium and magnesium dose, oil or ointment massage on affected area, acupressure, acupuncture, or even following proper diet. Now days there are several types of medical treatments available for rheumatoid arthritis disease.

In Ayurveda, we find Oil Massage Therapy, Oil or Kadha Basti, Tablet therapy as well as Panchakarma therapy. In Panchakarma therapy the doctors suggests to have Oil Massage, Ayurvedic Tablet or Powder and Oil Basti (Anima). In Ayurveda they say that, we get illness because of imbalance of ‘Vaat’ ‘Pitta” and ‘Cough’dosha. In Ayurveda therapy the total cleansing of your body can be done by giving you some medicine or liquid medicine which removes all dirt from your intestine. This treatment helps to get lubrication to your joints and helps to removes the stiffness.

Rheumatoid arthritis mostly can be detected by getting some pathology tests done. Blood and Urine tests may help to diagnose rheumatoid arthritis. We need to check the rheumatoid arthritis Factor (RA factor). Checking RA factor in your blood may help find Rheumatoid arthritis but every time it is not possible. Many times it may happen that, you blood and urine tests are find ideal but still you find symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. You need to get the check up done from the rheumatoid arthritis specialist and start medication under his guidance.

Acupuncture therapy can also help in recovering from rheumatoid arthritis disease. In acupuncture therapy, the doctors inserts a fine needles in the affected area on specific points and even on the relevant points on the patient’s body. You have to keep those needles on your body for at least 25 to 30 minutes and the treatment will continue unless you find the reduced pain. This treatment takes little time to get cure or find the reduction in pain.

The important thing you need to keep in mind to avoid rheumatoid arthritis is be specific about your diet, exercise and your daily routine. If you are following a strict routine you may not get rheumatoid arthritis. The patients who are suffering with RA have to be very positive towards life and they should be very regular in taking medication. A physical therapy can be also helpful in reducing the pain. It will help to improve the elasticity of joints. Finding right treatment for RA is very important. It helps the patients to suffer less and makes them healthy .

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