Steps To Reduce Your Blood Pressure Naturally

When you visit the doctor, you will notice that the first thing the doctor will check before they begin a diagnosis is your blood pressure. Blood pressure refers to the force of the blood on the arteries. If it is not managed in time high blood pressure can cause damage to your heart, blood vessels and even kidneys and even lead to death.Here are the Steps to Reduce your Blood Pressure Naturally:

1. Keep a healthy weight : Gaining weight increases your chances of getting high blood pressure as the extra weight will make your heart to work faster. You can keep your weight down by exercising and eating a healthy diet. Try to go for a brisk walk daily, it will help keep your weight down and regulate your heart beat.

2. Reduce sodium (salt) intake : Food tastes good, salted food tastes even better, but you must check the amount of salt you consume in your food. Sodium makes your body to retain fluids and your heart has to work harder to move this volume through your body as well as This results in high blood pressure. Processed food and packaged food tend to have a lot of salt and so you should check the labels well to ensure you avoid eating too much salt.

3. Take things easy : It is hard not to get angry once in a while but if you have developed high blood pressure conditions then you will realize that stress tends to make the blood pressure go up. Stress hormones makes your heart to beat faster, increases your pulse and heart rate all these causes the heart to work more and faster. So next time you really get angry or you panic, try to relax to prevent your blood pressure from rising. High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease.

4. Try mediating : Meditation : This is a body technique that allows you to have a unique state of restfulness. This helps your body and mind to be in a more relaxed state that will slow down your heart beat and help reduce the blood pressure. Practitioners Stress recommend that one goes into the state of meditation for at least 20 minutes daily.

5. Stop the drinking and smoking : Smoking and drinking can lead to high blood pressure due to the stimulants in the drink and in the cigarette which make the heart to beat faster. So cut out on these if you want your blood pressure to go down.

High blood pressure sometimes shows no symptoms and you could be having it for a really long time before you realize it. That is why it is necessary that you visit your doctor for checkups and for medication whenever you do not feel well. If you live or work in Europe then you can make use of the European Health Insurance Card medical card that will allow you to access medical care in all countries in Europe and in Switzerland. You do not need to worry in case you lose your card or it expires, you can do ehic renewal on line, by post or by making a call to the ehic offices any time of the day. You need to pay a visit to your doctor especially if you haven’t had your blood pressure checked in two years, that visit could save you years of medication and pain.

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