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What Are The Best Singing Waiters?

Imagine going to a wedding and just as you are about to tuck in to your Charlotte Russel, the waiters who have been serving you wish such aplomb, burst into song. The look of surprise in yours and your fellow guests’ faces would be a joy to behold.


This idea is the next stage from the Spanish practice of being serenaded at your table by a couple or trio with a violin and a rose. The singing waiters may sing unaccompanied, with an acoustic guitar accompaniment or maybe a violin, but there will always be three or more of them. The waiters will be able to sing whatever is requested, with romantic songs high in the agenda. The singing will create a great atmosphere at the wedding and will be a forerunner for the speeches. They will even be able to sing the health of the bride and groom.


It is always a special event when a couple reach a diamond, golden or silver wedding anniversary. These are so often planned without any input from the couple and the surprise element always ranks high. What betters surprise than to have singing waiters who will burst into song with appropriate songs from the era when the wedding took place. The feeling generated will bring memories flooding back to the married couple, setting of a whole series of reminiscences. The singing waiters will be able to encourage the couple to hit the dance floor just as they did on that special wedding day.

Company functions

Company functions can be very formal affairs where staff members are sitting at tables with people they have not met before. What better way to break the ice than to have the waiters serenade you while you are eating your beef wellington and downing that glass of Chablis or Burgundy. The wine will slip down such much better as you laugh your way along at other peoples’ reactions.The singing waiters have a fun element and can also have a serious element wedding anniversaries. Enjoy them, as they will add to your function.

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