Complete Information And Introduction About Hemorrhoids

Have you ever heard what hemorrhoids are? If not, then surely you might have heard the term piles? Actually, both of them are the same. But many of us might not be aware of the actual conditions and problems faced in case of hemorrhoids. This is a very common problem faced by several people of different age groups. It is caused by swelling in the veins around the lower rectum or anal area. If it is caused inside the body on the inside of the rectum then it is called as internal hemorrhoids. If it is caused in the anal area, outside of the body opening then it is termed as external hemorrhoids. It can cause pain and itching in the initial phase and later it can also lead to bleeding. This condition becomes more common in people of age group from 45 to 65. Read on as this is a fantastic article on how long do hemorrhoids last.

Duration of hemorrhoids–

So after knowing what actually hemorrhoid is, it is important to know how long does their symptom last. If the hemorrhoids or swelling is small and less then it can get clear in few days and might not even require any sort of medical treatment. Just simple dietary and medical changes may work for you. There are several home treatments available for hemorrhoids too.

If you are suffering from prolapsed hemorrhoids then it is an aggravated condition that requires medical help. Prolapsed hemorrhoids are internal hemorrhoids that become quite enlarged to stick out of the anus. These take a lot of time to heal and may also require treatment from a doctor.

Hemorrhoids are also common during pregnancy as the pressure increases in the abdominal area, especially in the third trimester. This may cause the veins of the rectum and anus to swell. Also, the pregnancy hormones can aggravate the situation. If you are facing hemorrhoids issue because of pregnancy then it may last until the birth of the baby too.

So this was a fantastic article on how long do hemorrhoids last. Now let us look at the symptoms of hemorrhoids —

Hemorrhoids may not show any symptoms at its early stages. In case of internal hemorrhoids, it is very difficult to detect as there are no externally noticeable symptoms. Irritation or bleeding during a bowel movement can indicate internal hemorrhoids. If internal hemorrhoid becomes prolapsed then you can feel it because of pain or bleeding. Most common symptoms in the rectal and anal area are swelling, itching, and burning sensation, discomfort while sitting, pain, and feeling of a lump in the anal area. These symptoms you will find in case of external hemorrhoids too.

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