Late Summer Holiday? Don’t Forget the Skin Care Products{0}

If you’re off on a late summer holiday this year, maybe after schools have gone back, you can look forward to a relaxing break. Most parts of the Med keep their heat much later in the year than the UK.

So if you are looking at going on a later summer or early autumn beach holiday, you still need to think carefully about what skin care products to take.

Remember, even on duller days, the sun’s rays can still harm your skin. You will probably have to buy your products new this year, even if you still have some bottles left over from last summer since most sunscreens don’t last longer than 12 months.

When shopping, the golden rule is to look for “broad spectrum” coverage. This means complete protection from both UVB and UVA rays. You will probably want to go for at least an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15. If you burn easily, up the SPF number. Especially if you’re swimming a lot, you will need to apply every couple of.

What SPF Factor to Buy?

To work out how long you are safe from the sun to take the number of SPF and multiply it by 10. That tells you how many minutes you’d be safe from the sun’s rays.

If you’re going out for the day, and on the move, decant a small amount of a good quality product like Decleor into a small plastic refill bottle you can carry around. It won’t be heavy in your bag.

• Check out the full range of skin care online – and don’t jet off on holiday without the right sun protection.