4 Different Types of Investment Opportunities

There are many reasons you might choose to invest in something, such as having a business interest or simply trying to make some money for a later stage in life. Many people seek the advice of a financial advisor to do this, but many other people don’t know where to start when it comes to making an investment. And did you know that investments range in many different amounts and percentages? So despite what your budget is, you should be able to find something that is of interest to you. Here are a few types of investment opportunities to give you something to start thinking about…


Let’s start off with something relatively small fry – it’s a website called Kickstarter. This is a little bit different because despite placing a financial investment, you don’t aim to make a profit on it. It’s another type of return, as you will tend to pledge funds to projects that you are passionate about. There are all types of projects on Kickstarter from films, art, games and technology, and each of them will often provide a number of different fund brackets which will give you something when the project is complete; this might be a signed copy or a book, a mention in the credits or the option to test the beta version of a game.

Stock Exchange

Another popular type of investment opportunity is that of the stock exchange. This is a place where stocks, bonds and other securities are traded, but these securities must be listed on a certain stock exchange first. There are so many different types of opportunities here from shares of a real estate investment trust to some well-known companies, banks and energy providers. People will be looking to buy shares that will either have a short term or long term growth, meaning they get back more than they put in originally.


Something that more and more people are getting into is property investment, whether buy-to-let or simply to buy, renovate and sell. You only need to watch programmes such as Homes Under The Hammer to see how many people buy at auction to do just this. Some people do not buy in the UK though; they buy a property in a popular holiday destination abroad to make money in the peak seasons. Of course there are some property investments that might be slightly larger such as buying an entire development or a commercial property.

Alternative Investments

Another type of investment is that of art. It is an alternative type of investment, as you will need to buy art either privately or through an auction. There are some pieces of art that are very rare and prized, so naturally these pieces attract a lot of interest when they are due to be sold at auction. Investing in wine is similar to art, as there are some vintage wines that can provide a lot of profit when sold many years down the line.

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