How You Can Generate sales with Direct Mail

Direct mail is still by far one of the most successful ways to market a business and is sure to generate great results if the campaign is well planned and well executed. Lots of businesses will choose to use direct mail over other more modern forms of marketing communications as direct mail will put something physical into someone’s hand and hopefully make them take notice.

Companies who use emails or text messages for marketing have to rely on the recipients actually opening the email or reading the text message. With direct mail, it will arrive in the post and the person cannot help but see it and if the design has the intended affect people will want to read the direct mail and find out more. Direct mail is one of the oldest forms of marketing and many people see direct mail as a waste of time but time and time again direct mail proves successful in effectively marketing companies, brands, products, promotions, and services to a wide audience.


Research has found that 47% of UK consumers are prompted to visit a website as a direct result of a piece of direct mail that they have received. This is an outstanding result and goes to show that direct mailing is a proven successful marketing tool. More often than not businesses will use direct mailing to send out promotions and special offers to customers as this is a great way to entice people to your products or service. This special offer might be for use online or in store but either way, it is sure to generate sales and interest.


Direct mailing can be very beneficial as it can be used to test the effectiveness of this method of marketing. All businesses need to do is put a code on their direct mail that customers need to state when the place an order and redeem an offer. This way companies can see how many people have responded as a direct result of the direct mail campaign. Most companies will find a high response rate and can then proceed with more direct mailing and targeted direct mail on a larger scale.

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