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Revature Lists A Few Tools All Aspiring Developers Must Learn

Software development implies to the process of making diverse computer programs. It software development life cycle entails the phases of identification, requirement analysis, design, development and implementation, testing and development, as well as maintenance. There are many tools available today that can help aspiring developers to become proficient in this process. Many of these tools can be learnt through companies like Revature.

Revature Marks Certain Tools That Aspiring Developers Should Learn

Fresh graduates who aspire to become software developers might be good with the theoretical aspects of programming, but they also have to learn certain key tools and frameworks that are helpful in writing production-ready code. Here are a few of those tools:

  • GitHub: This is among the most widely used software development tools in the world. GitHub is essentially a powerful collaboration tool, as well as a website of repositories that allows developers to build applications and software, manage projects, host the code, review code, and so on. It also enables developers to share their work with ease, without any cost or effort associated with maintaining their own website. Developers can just upload their project to GitHub with this tool, and any person shall have the ability to download and contribute to it.
  • Bootstrap: This open-source CSS framework is used for developing mobile-first, responsive websites. It is quite a prominent front-end toolkit. Bootstrap is usually used for developing highly-responsive projects with JavaScript, CSS and HTML. It also comes in two variants, one of them is precompiled, and the other is based on a source code version and uses less CSS.
  • Node.Js: This open-source, cross-platform, and JavaScript run-time environment is Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine. It is used for creating networking tools, web servers and web applications.
  • Django: This is an open-source, free, and high-level Python framework. Django majorly promotes pragmatic software design and rapid development. Its framework is developed by experienced developers, and helps in taking care of multiple hassles associated with web development. It additionally is considered to be among the most secure web frameworks available, as it is pretty fast to react to new vulnerabilities.
  • AngularJS: This open-source and JavaScript-based framework is widely used by developers to design web applications in a dynamic manner. AngularJS is focused on addressing diverse challenges encountered in the development of single-page applications.
  • React JS: Also referred to as just React, this basically is an open-source JavaScript library. React JS allows developers to develop front-end or GUI of web applications. This platform is also used for creating web apps, creating dynamic libraries, as well as developing UIs that are equipped to render large datasets. React JS combines the speed of JavaScript, and makes use of a brand new approach for rendering web pages to make them responsive and dynamic.

When it comes to available tools, software developers are spoiled by choice. Their sheer variety of options can overwhelm a new developer. Fortunately, there are tech talent development companies like Revature available that can help them to get trained in the most useful software development tools. To succeed in the contemporary, competitive tech field, learning certain basic tools and frameworks has become vital for all developers.