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Some individuals are unlucky enough to experience a level of extreme trauma that most people can’t relate to. Like battlefield combat or violent sexual assault. This trauma can overwhelm the person’s ability to cope. It leaves lasting emotional scars that won’t heal without treatment.

People desperately need the help and support of those who have the right training and skills to help them recover emotionally.

Therapists and mental health professionals work tirelessly with their patients to help them move on from the extreme events that they have had the misfortune to experience. Trauma like this can ruin someone’s life. Without the right help and support they can’t move on.

This is an area of constant study and discovery as professionals search for new interventions that more effective. EMDR or eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing is a technique that more and more people are keen to learn about and use. Given its results this isn’t surprising. Acquiring the skills to administer this technique can help to make dramatic progress with patients struggling to process extreme emotional trauma.

A recognised and approved EMDR training course is the place to start. Professionals working in this area get access to the latest research and techniques, which they can take away and use in their practice. Courses are available nationwide. Anyone curious about finding out more about EMDR training should investigate. This is a powerful and proven technique that can produce some amazing results. Post traumatic stress disorder is a heavy burden. Help people to move on.

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