underfloor heating

Why Hire Experts For Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating often comprises warm water in plastic pipes installed in concrete floors, between floor joists, or specialized boards. The installation must be done carefully and professionally for the UFH to be a “fit and forget” system.

If appropriately implemented, UFH should provide superior heat production and efficiency—better than radiators—and require no more upkeep than other forms of heating. What happens when things go wrong? It should not apply to UFH but must be adequately built and implemented to provide assurance.


Correct floor preparation is essential, especially when utilizing liquid screeds. To prevent the screed from cracking and the liquid screed from wasting down gaps, etc., the area must be “tanked.”

Pipe Distance

Professional underfloor heating installers in London pay attention to pipe spacing to ensure that pipes are installed more closely at significant heat loss areas, such as patio doors and other openings. To guarantee comfort, responsiveness, and energy efficiency, specialized UFH controls are essential. Programmable controls are crucial to overcoming the fact that underfloor heating takes longer than radiators to heat up and chill down.

The ability to switch on the heating an hour or two before you arrive is helpful for houses with irregular or restricted occupancy and vacation homes. The remote control is beneficial if you forget to switch off the warmth.


The appropriate tools for the job, as the saying goes! To save waste and prevent kinking, professional underfloor heating installers London utilize pipe decoilers. They also employ tacker guns, which securely embed the pipe clips into the insulation. The most crucial thing is that experts ensure the system is bled of air (very crucial) and use a test pump to pressure test the system after installation; this assures a sound, leak-free system.


Many UFH technicians can complete a system installation in around half the time it takes a plumber or builder, allowing the project to go forward and the floor or screed to be laid.


Many installers provide a guarantee in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on the products.

Mental Piece

Who wants to lift flooring to inspect for damage or other issues brought on by untrained installers? All of the suggestions made here provide peace of mind.

How can you separate the wood from the trees in a forest of purported “underfloor heating installers”?


Underfloor heating installation is divided into two jobs, which most people are unaware of. The floor heating system design and installation is the initial task, followed by the connection of the heating system to the boiler or heat pump, the wiring for the heating control system, and the thermostats.

 Most of the rivals complete the first phase; the second phase is up to you! Therefore, you must logically arrange for plumbers and electricians to complete the project.

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